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Shirley has taken her life experiences and packed them into Sessy's Journey; a powerful novel of heartache, triumph and lessons of the heart.


Sessy is a vibrant southern girl who challenged life and made the best of the wisdom and strength her mother provided her.


Sessy shares sixty years of her life as she raises three generations of her family. Whatever gets Sessy down, she rises to fight the fight again. As you travel with Sessy on her journey, you will encounter periods of laughter and sadness; unrelenting perseverance and her undying faith in God.


Sessy's Journey keeps you flipping the pages to find out what happens next in her tumultuous life of struggles as a Black girl during the late 1930s in the deep south. Sessy goes through racial tensions, survival of spousal abuse, loss, and constant betrayal. Find out what happens when Sessy finally reaches her breaking point.

Shirley Sanders:  60 Years and Three Generations of Wisdom with

"The Emotional Pro"

Ilene Dillon.

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