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Author Shirley Sanders is a vibrant, southern-born woman who has faced harrowing challenges and heartbreaks in her life.  She was born in 1931 in Cheraw, Mississippi, to a strong outspoken African-American man and a strong loving African-American and Choctaw Indian mother.

Despite growing up in the uncertain times of the Great Depression, coming of age in the Jim Crow South, and losing six of her seven children at different phases of her life, Shirley managed to rise above it all.  She earned a Bachelor’s of Art in Child Development, and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition.  She also has lifetime teaching credentials in Cosmetology and Barbering.  Approaching 92 years old, she is continuing her passion of writing novels.  Shirley resides in southern Nevada with her adorable Yorkie Louie, and a diverse community that loves her.

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